Current Scholarship Needs

Current Needs

See how your CRIB-West donation can make a real difference of the lives of young men and women from Burundi

These young men and women need support to make their dreams come true.

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Enoch is 22 years old and arrived at CRIB when he was 20 months old.  His parents and brother were killed in the war and Enoch has a large scar on his arm where he was hit with a machete during the attack.  Enoch will graduate from Santa Barbara City College with his Associate degree in December and has been accepted to a university in Kampala, Uganda where he will continue working toward his Bacherlors of Science in Civil Engineering.  He is concerned over the devastation of homes in Burundi that have left many people homeless.  He desires to gain the training and skills to help re-build his country.   The cost of his tuition in Uganda, starting in January is 3,00o/year



Keve is 22 years old and came to CRIB when he was about three or four years of age.  He graduated from high school and worked as an IT classroom assistant in the King’s School primary classes in Burundi.  Keve spent 2 years studying at Santa Barbara City College in the United States, earning his Associates degree.  He has just transferred to the United States University of Kenya where he will complete his Bachelors of Science in Computer Technology.  Keve dreams of being a computer teacher for high school students.  The cost of attending the university is 6,500/year. 



Janine is 21 years old.  Janine was brought to CRIB by someone from a refugee camp during the war when her mother was badly injured and her father was missing.  Janine is  attending a university in Uganda where she studies hotel management.  Janine is an outgoing, strong minded young women who is a natural leader.  Her diploma course costs 2,000/year. 



Belize is 20 years old   She arrived at CRIB when she was one year old.  Her mother died soon after her delivery and she was being cared for by her grandmother who was  too old and sick to give Belize proper care.  Belize lived at CRIB until she was 15 and then she went to live with her aunt.  She continued to attend King’s School and eat her meals at CRIB every day.  She is attending  a college diploma course for hotel management in Uganda.  Her diploma course costs 2,000/year. 



Budusy is 25 years old.  He came to CRIB when he was six or seven and has no surviving relatives.  He was the size of a two year old and very traumatized.  Now he is currently attending university in Kenya where he has nearly completed his degree in computer technology.  His life is truly a miracle–he has grown spiritually and emotionally and is now a young man with vision and purpose.  He needs 6 months of support to  finish his degree and dissertation.         The cost is $500.00

Maria 3


Maria is 20 years old.  She was five months old when she was brought to CRIB by her grandfather who was unable to look after her.   She is a gifted hair stylist, but her dream is to earn a degree in nursing and midwifery.  She is currently attending a university in Uganda to pursue her  4 year nursing degree. The cost of her schooling is $2,000/year

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Pacifique is 23 years old.  He came to CRIB when he was two years old.  He was found under a tree in someone’s garden.  Pacifique attends school in Rwanda where he is in his final year of studies in hotel and restaurant management.  The cost for Pacifique to finish school is $1500.00 for his final year



Samuel is 19 years old.  He arrived at CRIB when he was only a few days old.  His mother died after giving birth to him and no other known relatives were ever found. Samuel is creative and loves art.  He is currently attending Mount Kenya University and studying journalism. He is in the 2nd year of his 4 year degree.  The yearly cost is  $3000.
Samuel dreams of becoming a journalist and one day being an author.



Niyongabo is now 19 and was brought to CRIB by his father after his mother died giving birth.  Niyongarbo is a very bright and motivated young man who is one of CRIB’s  top students.  He wants to study medicine, and he dreams of becoming a doctor.  He will be studying pre medical in Uganda.   The cost of his education is 3,500/year


Esther came to CRIB orphanage when she was four months old.  She is a beautiful, smart young woman who will be attending University in Kenya to study psychology.  She has a large heart to help others.  The cost of her schooling is $3,500/year


Kosami is another baby who arrived at CRIB following the death of his mother in child birth.   He does still have a father whom he visits regulalry. He is taking a college certificate and diploma courses in internet, technoloyg and computers in  Uganda for 3 yrs.  The yearly costs $1800.



Estella came to CRIB when she was eight months old.  She had been living in a refugee camp with her three-year -old brother after her mother died.  Her brother stayed living with an aunt but Estella needed extra care so she came to CRIB.  She still visits her aunt and brother on holidays.  Estella loves all things sporty and she also intends to take a college diploma course in  business at a school in Uganda.  The cost of her schooling is $1800/year. 

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