CRIB-West Mission

CRIB-West Mission

Children Rescued in Burundi (CRIB)  was established by Chrissie Chapman in 1993 during the onset of genocide in Burundi that left countless orphans in need of care. “Mama Chrissie” has since raised and educated 50 + children who are now young adults and eager to finish their formal education by attending college, universities or trade school.

CRIB-West was established in 2015 in order to partner with Chrissie and raise money so that all 50 orphans can achieve their educational goals. We invite you to dream, pray and believe with us that these young men and women will grow in skill and knowledge so that they can contribute to a generation that will rise up and be the change to rebuild their country.
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CRIB-West educational fund exists for the purpose of providing post-secondary education for children who belong to CRIB-Burundi. We believe that all children deserve an opportunity to reach their potential through appropriate and relevant educational programs and opportunities, and that by providing quality post-secondary education to the children in Burundi, we are making a way for young leaders and professionals to contribute effectively to improve the cultural, social and economic plight of the country.

Additionally, CRIB-West serves to promote inter-cultural dialogue, encourage life-long connections, and foster global citizenship with an emphasis on Christian values and Christian discipleship.



CRIB-West seeks to provide more than just an academic education, when possible. Discipleship and mentoring are two values that we seek to implement into everyday life through CRIB West. Through life coaching in a community living environment and one-on-one mentoring, students will be challenged and strengthened in their personal lives.  We want the CRIB-West experience to be more than just receiving an academic education, but to include developing character that is founded on Biblical truth and the love of Jesus.   By living with and encouraging our students, our aim is to foster and promote Christian values and to provide an environment of on-going Christian discipleship where students can discover their God-given purpose and develop spiritually, emotionally, as well as academically. We desire to equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their life-mission and become effective world changing Christians in their own countries


To achieve this, CRIB West exists to support the CRIB students by paying for their tuition and by providing necessary room and board.  Students will be supported to grow their personal character into one that is more Christ-centered and Holy Spirit led. Students will attend church together, share meals together, and participate in a variety of programs and activities that build Christian community. Each student is paired with a  “mentor” who will meet with him or her on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for individual support and discipleship.

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